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  • Type Of Lens – Aspherical Optical Big Lens with 40mm Diameter
  • Interpupillary Distance – Adjustable between 75 mm to 63 mm, Open Display to interact with applications by touching touch screen. Can be optionally used with HID devices such as Game Controllers or Keyboard and Mouse over Bluetooth or via USB etc if supported by the smartphone.
  • Works with iPhone and Android devices and windows phone up to 6.5-inch screen.
  • Type of Virtual Reality (VR) – Immersive VR For SmartPhones (Inspired By Google Cardboard)

Product Description

The Tantransha VR3 Fold is a lightweight, compact virtual reality headset which has all of the adjustable features of a professional fully built VR headset.You can fold it and put it in your pocket. It’s a sleek and innovative product which allows VR entertainment at any place. It sports a humongous 40mm lens capable of changing IPD upon users requirements, delivering an amazing VR experience. The distance of the phone to the lens can be adjusted effectively giving a dynamic Focal Length. Phones of different sizes can be adjusted vertically and the side flaps (blinkers) can be adjusted as well depending upon the phone’s screen to body ratio. It delivers what other huge and expensive VR headsets deliver but in a tiny, sleek and a portable frame – small enough to practically fit in a tight fitting denim jeans pocket. This small foldable VR headset opens doors to new possibilities for virtual reality on the move. *subject to compatibility Disclaimer: Google Cardboard is the trademark of Google Inc. Note: You have to hold the phone while it sits inside the VR headset – do not hold the VR headset or else the phone might slip and fall, causing damage.

Additional Information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 16 x 10 x 10 cm


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