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Tantransha Store has its flagship best-selling Cardboard devices and its accessories in its Store. So, consumers can find the choice of VR devices from range of available products at one place. Tantransha Store is adding new devices based on VR devices trends and helps consumers to know the upcoming devices in Virtual Reality market.

Tantransha specializes in Virtual reality segment and has been doing outstanding work on both Hardware and software by bringing apps for mobile VR content generation. We are bringing the immersive experience through our apps and working on futuristic products and platforms in Virtual Reality arena. VR VNC is one such App developed by Tantransha for accessing PC/MAC/LINUX content from a Virtual Reality device. There are hosts of best used Apps compatible to Cardboard and VR devices.

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Tantransha Store for Virtual reality devices


Tantransha launches its own Store for all virtual reality devices offerings. With the growing popularity and demand of Virtual reality devices in the market, Tantransha has come up with all the popular devices and accessories by introducing Tantransha Store.

Google is coming up with new mobile VR platform Daydream for low-latency, immersive, and interactive mobile VR. Tantransha has started building mobile VR content using Daydream platform and will soon be available on Tantransha Store.

So far, Tantransha has been making the VR devices available to consumers by various online e-commerce channels. As of today, consumers find it hard to look for VR devices options through multiple e-commerce websites and marketplaces. Tantransha Store is aimed to fill this gap by bringing all relevant products, accessories and showing available Virtual Reality supported apps offered on Apps Store and Google Play Store.

Tantransha  Store is coming up with Bulk/Wholesale selling for business customers. We are aiming to bring Virtual Reality devices to masses through business partners by offering deep discounts.Tantransha encourages wholesale buyers and partners to connect with us for latest offerings.




Google unveiled the new version of their cardboard kit. As good as the first version was, the V2 kit makes some pretty awesome improvements over the former, including wider phone compatibility and the option to use iPhones. On June 3, Tantransha became one of the first cardboard producers to offer V2 Cardboard Kits.

One of the big improvements the V2 kit introduces is the ability to refold and return it to its sleeve. The kit uses velcro instead of double-sided tape. Once you’re done using it, fold it up and return it to its protective sleeve. You end up with a nice, compact block that won’t snag or tear easily.

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Vr3 Fold


Tantransha VR3 VR Anywhere Foldable (pocket VR KIT with big 40MM Lens diameter) 3D Video Headset & Universal Virtual Reality viewer for Smart Phones upto 6.5″ Screen – Inspired by Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear